Dreamgaze Music Video

‘Dreamgaze’ was formed in 2008 by Michael Wooley and Fuchsia of Bella Lune. They met in an internet radio station chatroom, where they realized they had nearly identical taste in music. Within a couple of months, they began recording their debut album ‘Sound Colour’ in two separate studios, hundreds of miles apart. http://www.dreamgazemusic.com Wasteland is… Continue reading Dreamgaze Music Video

The Cosmeticators

The Cosmeticators are a three piece garage band based in Phoenix. Light Pulse Studios shot their latest music video “Roboman“. The band had a great time shooting at The Studio, and we enjoyed hearing their music.

Tribal Iris

Timothy D. Allen of Tribal Iris came to The Studio to shoot his latest video. More and more video producers are finding The Studio can often meet their video studio rental needs!

GG Crazy Video

Today we saw the shooting of a music video for GGCrazy.com The Studio is the a great studio to rent to shoot your music videos.

Ticket Sales Video

This week saw a video for a ticket sales company being filmed at The Studio. Even though we wouldn’t call our facility a sound stage, video work is often filmed here. Consider renting at The Studio for your video studio rental needs.

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Wild Shoe Fashion Video

Today we saw wild shoes being shot for a wild fashion video. Here is a quick peek at what was happening. Looks like they will be back to rent the photography studio in a few weeks. You never know what you will see next.

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