This week Gordon Fallick Photography was back at The Studio. Continuing work on his Gyspy project. Here is a behind the scenes peek at what was going on during the shoot. Once you rent The Studio for your photography needs, you will become a frequent rental client just like Gordon.

Colorful Marlow

This past week we had Gordon Fallick Photography in The Studio. He made use of the Penn Wall to create some fun and colorful shots. When you shoot at The Studio, consider renting the Penn Wall to give you some more options to showcase your work.

Two for One Glamour

This weekend saw a couple of photographers shooting glamour at The Studio. The two of them had different shoots going on at the same time in a single bay. Talk about plenty of room to work. If two photographers want to rent a bay together for their short term photography studio needs, we say come… Continue reading Two for One Glamour

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