Lifestyle Images!

A behind the scenes look at a rental client’s photo shoot for their business Lifestyle blog at The Studio! The clients were able to shoot in our smaller bay and had a successful shoot by focusing on their production while we had their location covered! Simplify your product or production with us so you can focus on your shoot!

Video Production!

A behind the scenes look at the shooting of a video production at The Studio! In addition to our multiple shooting bays, The Studio also offers rentals for our sound booth with multiple choices in shooting backgrounds. The sound booth is a great place for your video projects and productions that require clean audio. Let us handle your shooting location so you can focus on your production!

Fashion Studio Shoot!

A behind the scene’s look at a professional fashion photo shoot at The Studio! With plenty of different sized shooting bays, you can find the right fit for all your projects or productions. Take the stress out of your shoot at trust us to take care of your location, so you can focus on a successful shoot!

Documenting Dance!

A behind the scenes look at a private rental client shooting dance photos at The Studio! Our client chose the rental of our small cyclorama for the dance shoot; however, we have multiple shooting bays to fit the size of any of your productions or projects! A successful shoot always depends on a quality studio!