Automotive News

George needed to be photographed for a feature story in Automotive News with his Corvette.   He came to The Studio and Orcatek Photography created this photo which ran in the magazine. The large cyclorama and giant softbox (10×24 feet) help in creating this shot.

2012 Olympic Fencing Hopeful

Corrin Green photographed Natalie Vie a 2012 Olympic fencing hopeful.   She was wearing a Negrini uniform provided by her sponsor Sword Masters who also distributes the Negrini. Corrin found the small cyc in Bay 2 to  be the perfect solution for his needs.

Native Curves

Natives Curves came to The Studio for their latest photo shoot. They were shooting the pretties native girls. After some time in hair and make-up each of the girls heads out to the main studio for her shoot. There were two photographs and a videographer working at the same time. Always something fun happening at… Continue reading Native Curves


Oksana needed some new photographs to update her portfolio for her agency. She came to The Studio and had Orcatek Photography shoot and update for her. Here are a few images from the shoot. If it can be photographed, it probably can be photographed at The Studio, you first choice for photography studio rental.

Breastfeeding in the workplace

“Breastfeeding in the workplace”, national breastfeeding committee ad campaign funded by the Intertribal Council Arizona and WIC. Photography was done by Thoshography and produced by Wildhorses East Productions. A great bunch of mothers and their babies came thru The Studio for the shoot. We can wait to see the final images and welcome Thoshography back… Continue reading Breastfeeding in the workplace