The Elektrolytes were at The Studio to get some new promo photos done by Devinography. The Elektrolytes are from the Phoenix area and the winner of “America’s Best Dance Crew”. Devin chose to rent the studio as he needed a space large enough for the entire group.

Fun Mix of Styles

A couple of new photographers rented The Studio for some photo shoots they had wanted to try.  Since this was their first time in a studio, they also hire us to provide some lighting instruction to create the looks they wanted. If you have never worked in a photography studio before, you can always add… Continue reading Fun Mix of Styles

Ballerina Portfolio

Bill from W3 Photography was at The Studio shooting some new shots for a ballerina’s portfolio.  Bill had rented studio space before for other photography projects and likes the options available here.

Model Portfolio Updates

Several agency models came to the studio this week to get some new photos for their portfolios. Orcatek Photography created a wide variety of looks for the models, taking advantage of the many shooting areas. Over the next few weeks a lot more models will be coming thru as their agency sends them down to… Continue reading Model Portfolio Updates


Oksana needed some new photographs to update her portfolio for her agency. She came to The Studio and had Orcatek Photography shoot and update for her. Here are a few images from the shoot. If it can be photographed, it probably can be photographed at The Studio, you first choice for photography studio rental.

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