College Gentleman Magazine Casting Call

This weekend a casting call was held at The Studio for College Gentleman Magazine. The current issue is on national newsstands now. The casting was held by Orcatek Photography who again will be shooting the cover. Here is the current cover shot by Orcatek. A beautiful woman was once again found at this casting. You… Continue reading College Gentleman Magazine Casting Call

Pin-up Girl Kelly

Kelly made for a great Pin-up girl this week as she was shot by Orcatek Pin-up Photography. A number of fun looks were shot. There is always something fun happening at The Studio, your photography rental studio.

Fine Art Nudes

Orcatek Photography just finished a Fine Art Nude shoot at The Studio. With the privacy curtains down, it was easy to create the images in a controlled environment. Although The Studio is very open, the use of the the privacy curtains allow each bay to become a private set.

Fun Pin-up

More pin-up was shot by Orcatek Photography this week. Always fun a fun shoot. Everyone had a great time! So stop by The Studio and rent some space next time you want to do some pin-up photography.

The Studio was Swamped

This weekend saw so many shoots going on. Orcatek Photography was shooting boudoir and glamour sessions round the clock. But that didn’t stop Paul Sebring from shooting fashion in another portion of The Studio. Paul was shooting for Savvy magazine in Bay 1, while Dean was shooting in Bay 2. Privacy drapes were dropped and… Continue reading The Studio was Swamped

Two for One Glamour

This weekend saw a couple of photographers shooting glamour at The Studio. The two of them had different shoots going on at the same time in a single bay. Talk about plenty of room to work. If two photographers want to rent a bay together for their short term photography studio needs, we say come… Continue reading Two for One Glamour

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