Model Portfolio Updates

Several agency models came to the studio this week to get some new photos for their portfolios. Orcatek Photography created a wide variety of looks for the models, taking advantage of the many shooting areas. Over the next few weeks a lot more models will be coming thru as their agency sends them down to… Continue reading Model Portfolio Updates

Scottsdale Community College Fashion Photography Workshop

This weekend The Studio hosted the SCC (Scottsdale Community College) fashion photography class.  The class wanted a chance to shoot models in a large studio environment to see how it differed from  the classroom.  With the multiple shooting areas, there were 3-5 shoots going on at any given time. Judging by some of the images… Continue reading Scottsdale Community College Fashion Photography Workshop

Echo Magazine Charity Swimsuit Shoot

Echo Magazine came to The Studio to shoot their annual charity swimsuit contest.  They said it was the best and easiest shoot they’ve ever done. They chose to rent the large cyclorama along with the giant 10×24 foot softbox for their shoot.  The softbox made it easy for them to shoot small and larger groups and allow… Continue reading Echo Magazine Charity Swimsuit Shoot

480 Magazine

This week Orcatek Photography shot a wonderful group of models for 480 Magazine. The new lounge that has been added to our prop collection made a perfect setting for this shoot. Here is a quick shot of the models in between set-ups.

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