Business Product Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at a client setting up for their product photography shoot at The Studio! Your business image and product images are so vital to your success! Don’t cut corners when dealing with your product shoots. Let us take care of your professional shooting location so you can put all your focus on a successful shoot!

NBC Production Rental!

A behind the scene’s look at the production set up for an NBC production shoot at The Studio! We have multiple size shooting bays for you to choose from to fit any and all of your production and project needs. In addition, if your production is large and needs to be private, the entire studio is available for full rental!

SCC Photo Shoots!

A behind the scenes look at The Studio hosting the annual fashion photography workshop for Scottsdale Community College photography students. Students got the opportunity to experience and learn all the components of working on and running a real photo shoot in a professional studio using models, props, and all the lighting techniques and skill that goes into getting that perfect shot. Workshops like this give the students the opportunity to take the skills they learn in the classroom and put them into a real world setting as a photographer.

Marketing Photo Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at a private company marketing photo shoot at The Studio! When dealing with your business and your products, nothing could be more important than your image. When shooting your product or promotional materials, don’t waste your time and money by not doing a professional job with your shoot. Let us provide you with the professional shooting space so all your images will be professional and top of the line!

Video Superstar Shoot!

A behind the scenes look into a video shoot at The Studio!  This cute little girl was the star in her very own dance video shoot! She not only shined in her performance, but let it be known that she can dance just like the adult dancers can! Whether it is a photo shoot or video shoot you need, always choose The Studio for your location so you can focus on your project and production and shine like this little superstar!

Video Shoots!

A behind the scenes look at a client shooting their videos at The Studio! In addition to our multiple shooting bays, The Studio also offers rentals for our sound booth with multiple choices in shooting backgrounds. The sound booth is a great place for your video projects and productions that require clean audio. Let us handle your shooting location so you can focus on your production!